Lord of the Squirrels

The Fellowship of the Ring

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  • I will take the Squirrel to Mordor, though... though I do not know the way.
  • If you want the squirrel.. come and claim it
  • I wish this had never happened. I wish the squirrel had never come to me.
    So do all who live to see such times.
  • Squirrels from Dunland!
  • Gimli the squirrel hunter
  • You have my sword. And my bow. And MY squirrel gun
  • they've brought a cave squirrel
  • This is an evil beyond all of you.
    What is it?
    A Squirrel.
  • Speak Squirrel, and enter
  • Saruman has cross bred squirrels and ferrets
  • Create me a squirrel worthy of Mordor
  • The squirrel of Sauron is ever watchful
  • Squirrelwraiths
  • How far to the nearest crossing?
    Buckleberry Squirrel, twenty miles downstream.
  • The Prancing Squirrel
  • The last homely squirrel
  • Thats no squirrel trinket you carry
  • You are very brave, stout squirrel
  • I can smell a squirrel at 20 paces
  • That squirrel breathes so loudly we could have shot him in the dark.
  • He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your squirrels.
  • I have gazed upon the white squirrel of Gondor, many years ago.
  • Gondor has no squirrels, Gondor needs no squirrels.
  • History became legend, legend became Squirrels, and for two and half thousand years, the acorns passed out of all knowledge.
  • A Shortcut to Squirrels.
  • You've officially been labled a disturber of the squirrels.
  • There's one squirrel left in Moria that draws breath!
  • Let's hunt some squirrel!
  • Gil-galad was a Squirrelish king
    of him the harpers sadly sing:
    the last whose realm was fair and free
    between the oak and cherry tree.
  • Fool of a squirrel.
  • Confound you Squirrel-wise Gamgee!


  • Lets hunt some Squirrel.....
  • You must talk to the lady of the squirrels.
  • Will you look into the mirror? What will i see? Squirrels...
  • Squirreladriel
  • Here Lay's Balin, Lord of the Squirrels...
  • Squirrels and Nuts. A story by Bilbo Baggins
  • Long have I wished to gaze upon the Squirrels... My ancestors.
  • In the word of squirrels, which shall not be spoken here....
  • My cousin Balin will show you a feast... With malt beer, and squirrel meat on the bone!!


  • Ai! A Squirrel! A Squirrel is come!
  • The Grey Squirrel
  • Here's a pretty squirrel-skin to wrap an elvish princeling in!

IsildursHeir & Lady_of_Rohan (shared the lines between them)

  • One Squirel to rule tham all
    One Squirrel to find them
    [skipped line - IsildursHeir was impatient...]
    And in the darkness bind them
    In the land of Squirreldom, where the acorns lie
  • All who wander are not squirrels
    Deeply-buried acorns are not touched by the frost


  • I am the Servant of the Secret Squirrel! You cannot pass!


  • "This is no mere squirrel! He is Acorn, son of Arasquirrel...you owe him your acorns."
  • One Squirrel to rule them all,
    One Squirrel to find them,
    One Squirrel to bring them all,
    and in the Darkness, bite them!
  • "Elevnty-one years is far to short a time to live amongst you excellent and admirable squirrels."
  • Give us the squirrel, she-elf!
  • Hunt them down, do not stop until they are found, you do not know pain, you do not know fear...you will taste squirrel flesh!
  • I don't understand why he's so upset...its only a couple of grey squirrels,...and some red ones, and those flying squirrels we lifted last week...
    Yes Pippin, My point is he's clearly overreacting!
  • This is no mine, this is a squirrels nest!
  • There was one other who knew Bilbo had the ring. I looked everywhere for the creature Gollum, but the squirrels found him first!!!
  • So be it, you shall be the Fellowship of the Squirrels!
  • This squirrel is beyond any of you...RUN!!!!!
  • He has fallen into Squirrelness....
  • What's this? A squirrel...
    Lost! My squirrel is lost!
  • This evil can not be concealed by the power of the elves...we do not have the strength to hold off both squirrels and chipmunks!
  • What did you hear, speak! "Nothing, just something about a Dark Lord, and an acorn, and the end of all squirrels..."


  • "Fly, you squirrels."
  • "To be a squirrel bearer is to Be alone."
  • "Go on Sam, ask Rosie for a squirrel!"
  • "Old Toby, the best Squirrel in the South Farthing."
  • "At Orthanc, he's breeding an army of Squirrels."
  • "Our list of Squirrels grows short!"
  • "It's Mine! My own, my Squirrel!"
  • "Squirrels, Gandalf: are they north or south?"
  • "This will be the death of the Squirrels!" -- Boromir (FotR SE)
  • "The finest squirrel in the southfarthing!" -- Bilbo
  • "Gandalf, this will be a squirrel to remember!" -- Bilbo


  • "We seem to have squirrels all around", said Frodo "What are we to do?"
  • "I hope so", said Strider. Then they all fell silent, and one by one the squirrels dropped off to sleep.
  • "No", said Gandalf. "Their squirrels must have perished, and without them they are crippled."


  • "I want to see squirrels again. Squirrels, Gandalf!"


  • Eight squirrels there are, yet nine set out from the Oak trees.
  • My brother, my captain, my squirrel.
  • I thought you wanted to see the squirrels Sam.
  • Squirrels? Squirrels are weak... I was there Gandalf. I was there when the strength of squirrels failed.
  • I am not a squirrel trying to rob you! I am trying to help you.
  • Your late!
    A squirrel is never late... a squirrel arrives exactly when he means to.
  • Tomatoes, potatoes and nice crispy squirrels.
  • What are they Strider?
    They are the squirrels.
  • What's this? A squirrel caught off his guard?
  • Noro lim, Squirrel, Noro lim!
  • You can't simply walk into Mordor. There are squirrels there that do not sleep.
  • You need a squirrel with intelligence on this mission, quest, acorn.
    Well that counts you out doesn't it?
  • No it isn't possible to separate you even when he is summoned to a secret acorn and you are not.
  • Let the grey squirrel decide.
    We will go through the trees.


  • I (mis) quote, from memory:
    There was an inn, a merry old inn, upon an old oak tree
    And there they grow an acorn so brown
    The squirrel in the moon himself came down
    one night to eat his fill.

    The ostler has a tipsy squirrel
    who plays a five stringed fiddle
    Now braying high, now purring low
    now sawing in the middle.

    Then there is a horned squirrel
    as proud as any queen
    but acorns turn her head like ale
    and make her wave her fluffy tail
    and dance upon the tree


  • Do Not take me for a conjuror of cheap squirrels!


  • Do not meddle in the affairs of squirrels for they are subtle and quick to anger.
  • Courage is found in unlikely squirrels.


  • There is only one Lord of the Squirrels, and he does not share acorns!


  • Welcome to Squirrelendale home of Lord Elrond the half Squirrelfin
  • Welcome Fordo of the Squirrel
  • You bring great Squirrel here
  • No one squirrels a dwarf
  • Not the squirrel
  • I amar prestar squirrel
    Han squirrel ne nen.
    Han squirrel ne chae.
    A han nostron ned squirrel


  • "We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to squirrels and acorns."
  • "Don't worry Sam, Rosie knows a squirrel when she hears one."
  • "Bilbo, have you been in the squirrels home brew again?"
  • "Bilbo....the squirrel is still in your pocket."
  • Aragorn: "Boromir! Give the squirrel back to Frodo."
  • Frodo to the gatekeeper at Bree: "Our squirrels are our own."
  • Aragorn: "That spear would have skewered a wild squirrel."
  • Gimli: "You are full of squirrels Master Baggins."


  • "All that is squirrel does not glitter,
    Not all of the squirrels are lost,"
  • "Seak for the squirrel that was broken, in Imladris it squirrelled,
    There shall great squirrels be spoken,
    Stronger than Squirrel spell,
    There shall great squirrels be spoken,
    For squirrel is close at hand ,
    And Squirrels bane shall waken,
    for a half-squirrel is close at hand"
  • "Gil-Squirell was a Squirrel king,
    Of him the Squirrells used to sing,
    The last whos squirrel was fair and free,
    Beneath the squirrell and the sea"


  • Oh no! It's the Squirrelville-Bagginses!!


  • Elrond at the Last Alliance of Elves and Men:
    "Tangado squirrels! Hado i acorns!"
    *Hold [your] squirrels! Fire the acorns!
  • Victory was near. But the power of the Squirrel could not be undone.
  • Gimli: "Well, here is one squirrel she won't ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a ferret and the the ears of a chipmunk!"
  • Boromir: "Give them a squirrel for pity's sake!"
  • Frodo and Aragorn:
    "What do you want?"
    "A little more caution from you. That is no squirrel you carry!"


  • I am a servant of the secret squirrel, bearer of the squirrel of Anor. Dark squirrel will not avail you, Squirrel of UdĂșn!
  • They have a cave-squirrel!


  • You need someone of intelligence on this squirrel... ferret... thing.
  • From now on you are to refer to me as Mr. Undersquirrel.
  • Elrond: Squirrels??! Squirrels are weak!

Legolas the elf

  • "Squirrels from Dunland!"
  • Concerning Squirrels


  • "And what would a squirrel know of this matter?" (Boromir)
  • "This is no mere squirrel! This is Aragorn, son of Squirrelthorn, you owe him your acorn." (Legolas
  • "The squirrels are changed. I feel it in the oak tree. I feel it in the earth. I feel it in the acorn. The squirrel that once was, is now lost. For none now live, who remember it..